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It’s showtime with LEGO® Friends 41368 Andrea’s Talent Show. This set features 3 different rotating stage sets for hours of creative play displaying Andrea’s talents. Get her ready in the dressing room, then on stage, help her sing, play drums or perform magic—twist the knob on the clever box to make a bunny appear! The 2 speakers at the side of the stage rotate to reveal big screens. Enhance the play further by placing your cell phone on the stand and playing a video or music to provide a backdrop for Andrea—2 yellow clips behind the stage secure the device. Help Chloe use the red and green buttons on the judge’s desk to say what she thinks of the talent show acts, and make the flags drop down above the stage to reveal her reaction. Then use the firework functions to celebrate the results of the LEGO talent show. Includes 2 mini-doll figures: Andrea and Chloe, plus a rabbit figure.

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Showcase your talents with LEGO® Friends Andrea!

LEGO® Friends Andrea’s got talent, and this is the place you can see her perform at her best. Dressed up in her new skirt, Andrea is ready to wow the crowds. Combine and swap the separate stage sets to see Andrea do magic tricks, be a singer to music or play the drums. Help Andrea get ready for the show in her dressing room or get her dressed in her magician’s cape. Chloe is judging the talent show. As she presses her voting buttons a flag is revealed showing what she thinks of the act. It’s a thumbs-up! Let off the fireworks to celebrate!

  • Includes 2 mini-doll figures: Andrea and LEGO Friends Chloe, plus a rabbit figure.
  • Features a main stage with rotating speakers, plus 3 separate rotating mini sets, 2 backstage areas, a judging panel with flag functions and voting button, a stand to attach a cell phone, fireworks function and a magician’s box.
  • Accessory elements include toy microphone, magic trick set, camera, hairbrush, lipstick, cup, cell phone stand and a fabric skirt for Andrea to change in to.
  • Magician accessory elements include magician’s cape, magic card, hat, wand and toy rabbit.
  • Change rotating sets so Andrea can sing, do magic and play her toy drum kit, allowing her to display her many performing talents.
  • Take Andrea backstage to help her get ready for her big night in her fabric skirt or magician’s cape!
  • Pull out the flags to give a thumbs-up, then set off the fireworks!
  • Stand your cell phone behind the stage to add amazing backdrops or songs.
  • LEGO® Friends sets encourage creative play, and make building imaginative and fun.
  • Connect the circular base from 41383 Olivia’s Hamster Playground to the stage to add a motorbike-riding hamster act to the talent show.
  • Measures over 8” (21cm) high, 9” (25cm) wide and 5” (14cm) deep.

WARNING : Choking Hazard. Small Parts. Not for Children under 3 years

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6 reviews for 41368 LEGO® Friends Andrea’s Talent Show

  1. 4 out of 5


    There are altogether 4 packs of lego pieces to be completed and comes with a instructions book which is super user friendly and easy to refer. Even my 5 years old girl can refer the step by step and built the whole lego set by her own with minimum guidance. We felt so amazing that she could sit there for hours to complete the lego set. We are having lots of fun spending time together to build the whole set from scratch and definitely a good bonding time. Apart from that, the whole process also helps to train your child fine motor skill, sensory and analytical in order to complete the whole set. I would definitely recommended Lego Friends series and we are already looking forward to get another set of Lego Friends to complete our collection.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Andrea’s Talent Show Lego Friends Set is our 1st ever Lego set! All of us was very excited to unboxing and assemble it. Even my two boys also can’t wait to join their sister. My first impression was it look tedious because of the parts was so small! Luckily it comes with the instruction manual. It was individually packed so it was easier to determine which makes building easier and also the easy to follow coloured instruction manual book. We sat together and it took us almost 3 hours to finish assemble the whole set. At first, my daughter insists to assemble it by herself and only ask me to help whenever she’s struggling on some parts. After we finish the 1st pack, the boys came back from school and started to join their sister. I am a bit surprised that my daughter and the boys can follow the instruction manual book and they enjoyed Andrea’s Talent Show set that features of 3 rotating stage sets that makes of hours of creative play displaying Andrea’s talents. It comes with some unique lego pieces which is not too difficult to build. They also know that the talent acts can be change if you choose as drummer, singer or magic show. I can see their sense of creativity here. It may be a bit different from getting the build just right and that ability to follow pictographic directions. But that doesn’t mean they lost all of their creativity. We were singing and laughing together while playing the set. They also discover that certain parts are interchangeable in ways that do not affect the function of the whole set. And some may enhance the set when added. This Lego activity increased the bond between me and my children which make me realized i’ve never really spend my time to ‘play’ with them. It also make my children play and work together as teamwork and be more focus. It lead to free play and provide them the experience of learning the rules and how to break them. This activity also make them forget about the tv’s and gadget that they used to play with. I would really recommend this to other parents. It was so fun!I have received the LEGO® Friends toy set from The Insiders to give my honest review. Tqsm The Insiders for this awesome experience with my kids.

  3. 4 out of 5


    My 10yo daughter got the box of Lego and invited her 7yo brother and 10yo cousin brother to play together at grandma’s house. Overall, they didn’t encounter any problems by referring to the manual book with clear picture instructions. They spent about 2 hours to fix the whole set and play with it by acting, singing, performing, being the judges, borrowed my phone to play “background” music for the performance, etc. They actually tried all different ways to play with the Lego Friends set. This set is really good and ideal for children to use their imagination to express themselves by singing, dancing, and performing magic together with Andrea. And to my surprise, though the set is designed for the girls, the boys were enjoying themselves very much with it too. The boys like to perform and act too. And they sang together while playing with the Lego set. And since it’s Lego original piece of products, they have no problem in connecting each small pieces and the quality of Lego are really good, with bright and nice colour on the blocks too. The stage for performance is really attractive, with place to put real smartphone behind the stage, to let them pull up the flags as judges and even playing the “fireworks” after the show. The set is quite real with many different small accessories for the different performance and for the kids to interact among them. One minor comment will be: the set is not really big enough for 10yo kid, whole set is only divided to 4 smalls bags of Lego pieces, so the kids can finish up very fast. I have received the LEGO® Friends toy set from The Insiders to give my honest review.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Lego Friends Andrea’s Talent Show

    1. A 360 stage for a show all around the day
    2. 2 speaker that can change into a magical display panel with a spin of 360
    3. A symbolic of fireworks that can shoot out into the sky
    4. When pull out, 2 display panel will fall down showing a show on the display, and can be pull in back to close the panel from falling down.
    5. A magical talent show with a magic where a rabbit will appeared when the wheel are spin.
    6. They even have a make-up place that my little daughter like to used the lipstick on herself and even the comb to comb her hair.

    Instruction manual?
    – Easy to read and follow, even with my daughter doing it herself.
    – There is even an interactive apps that you can download the manual

    Difficulties? – Well, since this is her first LEGO set, let say, her father is the one helping to put it and i just ask her to help with the task.

    Time to finish? – With the help of her father, from 10PM to 2AM we finally finished it together. Alone doing it by herself? I think it might take forever to finish it up. Huhuhu..

    My daughter really like the LEGO, we played until her mother feel it’s time to get to bed, but we think, it’s time to finish it up. The looks, the happy face, the excitement, it’s like watching my daughter happiness in me.

    I would recommended the sets to others and i would say, if i got the other sets also, it’s good to play it together because she just love it with all the functions and hidden functions it offers.

  5. 5 out of 5


    Hong the big brother, 11 years old. Xuan the little sister, 7 years old. Today, both Hong and Xuan get the chance to play Lego together. The Lego set was meant to be a toy for Xuan, as we can see the new Lego Friends series is specifically designed for the young girls – it is obvious – the packaging is well designed and is suggesting that is toy for girls and I must say Lego has done a really good job on that – Xuan loves it.

    They quickly unboxed the Lego set and start looking into the colorful pieces and instruction manual. They started working on the game plan together by going thru the instruction manual, the instruction manual is visually pleasing and with simple and easy to understand illustrations. At first, Xuan seemed to be struggling with the instruction manual and Lego pieces but as minutes passes by, I could see that Xuan is getting more comfortable and she could quickly follow thru with the instructions and building the set. Few minutes later, Xuan has put together the 2 characters Andrea and Chloe, and we could see that Xuan is enjoying the sense of accomplishment with the easy start. She is liking the 2 miniature characters and was holding them for photo shooting session. Xuan could relate to the little Andrea and Chloe and sharing her story in school, which she used to perform in the talent show. As for me, I patiently observing Xuan progress throughout the game and not wanting to be too intrusive and provide little hints to Xuan only when she needed, Xuan seemed to enjoy the freedom and trust I have given her in deciding her moves on how to complete the set. To my surprise, I discovered that Xuan has great analytic skill and could think logically in connecting the pieces.

    Two hours later, the duo has completed the set and was celebrating their accomplishment with joy, yet they can be seen to be exhausted. Never the less, It was a great bonding time for the three of us and this is definitely a great experience for Xuan. I would recommend the other parents to try out the Lego Friends with the children, it would be great learning to develop the children analytical and cognitive thinking skill. Thanks to Lego Friends! – and Xuan keeps talking about the Lego toy brand now! I have received the LEGO® Friends toy set from The Insiders to give my honest review. #Legofriendsinsiders

  6. 5 out of 5


    So we received LEGO Friends Andrea’s Talent Show and as expected, my kids love it!
    It took us roughly 45-60 minutes for the 1st batch (pack) to complete. My daughter, she love the LEGO, but she needed me by her side to assemble it. She really focused on her LEGO and make sure that I too enjoy what she capable of. There are time where she get bored, but after we flip the instruction book, she was determined to finish what she start. I can see that she love to invite her cousins to work on it too! So does her 3 years old little sister! Needless to say, my 2 other nieces too, take part in this activity as well! I only show them the instruction book and ensure they know which part to do. My daughter even asks my permission to bring the LEGO to her school, which of course I have to decline! Otherwise the rest of the kids will fight among each other and some parts may be missed!

    I would highly recommend this LEGO to other parents as well as this will keep them far far away from gadget. Kids will get bored, yes, but it is US the parents who have the power to persuade them and give them the interest they need.

    Note: I have received the LEGO® Friends toy set from The Insiders to give my honest review.

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